Here is some water for the dead tree... I see your reflection in the dirty water...
Dreams and aspirations Your ideals in the big sky
Passionate Red
The one I loved so much...
Ideals being sweeter then candy are just ideals
Noone wants the present

Point your finger Goodbye
I feel love on my forhead at gun point
Even the child with the red coat swallows her tears as she faces reality

Why? Why? Over and Over
It will never heal
Why? Why? Over and Over
My dead heart...

Love, tenderness, freedom and peace.

1.6.08 04:31

ippen shindemiru
28.5.08 03:41

I can see your silent tears
Want to break the chains of your heart
And bring the smile back into your eyes

25.5.08 22:59

Einen Menschen wissen,
der dich ganz versteht,
der in Bitternissen
immer zu dir steht,
der auch deine Fehler liebt,
weil du bist sein,
dann mag alles brechen,
du bist nie allein.
12.5.08 21:46

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